Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

We have a wealth of experience in defending criminal offenses at the juvenile and adult courts in the Philadelphia area. Our success has been featured in the press—see the Press section on our site—and we continue to competently defend those who need it.

Restaurant, Bar and Liquor License Law

Our background in restaurant, bar and liquor license law is extensive, as evidenced by our work with some of the most prestigious restaurants and businesses in the Philadelphia area.

Civil Rights

Our firm has constantly been on the front line of notable civil rights cases throughout the Philadelphia region–again, please see our Press section for articles on some of the cases we’ve worked on. We have an incredible passion to fight when civil liberties are denied and we continue to effectively fight for our clients to this day.

Civil Litigation

Successful civil litigation suits require attorneys that have extensive knowledge and experience. We have been working on civil litigation cases with over 50 years of experience and we’ve been doing it effectively.

Personal Injury

Our notable personal injury defense representation has extensive background with the Philadelphia area’s medical providers. Our network of medical experts represent some of the finest physicians in the area, which are crucial for successful personal injury suits.

What's new?

Jun 06, 2015 New Office Suite. Space Available.

Dear Friends and Colleagues: After almost 15 years of practice I have decided to put down some roots in the venerable Benjamin Franklin House at 8th[...]

Dec 23, 2014 New Website

We just launched our new website! Take a look around, and let us know what you think on Facebook.